Housing Studies and Plans details
La Plata County & Durango, Colorado
Bozeman, Montana
Near East Side, Columbus, Ohio
Los Alamos, New Mexico
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Flagstaff, Arizona
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Program Start-Ups  details
La Plata Homes Fund, Durango, Colorado
Regional Housing Alliance, Durango, Colorado
Home Again, Inc., Pass Christian, Mississippi
Louisiana Road Home Rental Piggyback Program
Enterprise Resident Services Initiative (national)
Enterprise Green Communities Initiative
Enterprise Gulf Coast Initiative (post-Katrina)
Frederick P. Rose Architectural Fellowship
The Housing Trust, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Tierra Contenta Corporation, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Los Alamos Housing Partnership
Tarrant County (Texas) Housing Partnership
Jackson (Mississippi) Metro Housing Partnership
City Homes, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland
Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise

Funding  details
We have raised or assisted in raising:
Program Startups: Over $15 million in grants
Loan Fund Capital: Over $12 million in grants
Federal Funding: Over $800 million


Homebuyer Assistance  details
We have designed and implemented:
Homebuyer training programs
Second mortgage programs
Shared appreciation mortgages
Affordable housing land trusts
Policies, procedures and loan documents
Loan fund management procedures

Real Estate Development  details
We have assisted cities and developers in planning and packaging:
Neighborhood stabilization program start-ups
Large-scale, mixed-income land developments
Low-Income Housing Tax Credit projects

Green Building  details
We designed green standards and programs such as:
Green Communities Criteria
Enterprise Green Communities Initiative

Inclusionary Zoning  details
We drafted ordinances and administrative procedures for:
City of Santa Fe, New Mexico
City of Cambridge, Massachusetts
City of Durango, Colorado