Since 1983, Werwath Associates has helped local governments and nonprofits plan, start up, and fund a number of effective community development programs, primarily in the field of affordable housing. Many of our clients ask us to continue as advisors, project packagers, and grant writers. Our mission is to help build thriving communities with homes affordable to people of all income levels. Werwath Associates has played key roles in launching innovative programs such as the following:

  • Setting up home purchase assistance programs, inclusionary zoning, land trusts, loan funds and shared appreciation loan programs to counteract gentrification in high-cost communities.
  • Starting up inner-city redevelopment programs such as the founding of City Homes, Inc. in Baltimore, a nonprofit landlord that has bought, renovated, and rented over 450 vacant and distressed homes, at average rents of less than $500 a month – sustaining its operations on business income, not grants.
  • Designing the corporate structure and affordable housing requirements of Tierra Contenta Corporation in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a nonprofit land developer. In a 1,000-acre new community, nonprofit and for-profit builders have provided over 1,200 homes and apartments affordable to families with incomes below the median – 40% of the homes built.